We are witnessing a paradigm shift emerging as the Millennium Generation has a vision to have a sustainable and earth friendly world. This generation is eager to seek out vegan manufacturers, vegan restaurants, vegan consumer products, vegan companies and vegan lifestyle brands that create healthy products and services that fit with their lifestyle and vision of the world.

We, Fuji Plant Protein Labs have a growing understanding of this vegan and vegetarian consumer market and look to fulfill all types of vegan plant-based protein products. We continually communicate with leaders in plant-based food service, chefs, vegan restaurants, and vegan/vegetarian consumer base. We bring to market the type of healthy products that are compatible with their objectives and beliefs of a sustainable and earth-friendly world.

In pursuing this directive, we established a new company FPPL (Fuji Plant Protein Labs) based in the USA with offices in Savannah, GA.

Our mission of Fuji Plant Protein Labs is focused towards developing and supplying this growing vegan consumer group ( Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian as well as your regular meat lovers who seek a reduction of animal derived foods) with delectable and healthy plant protein foods for a vegan future.

We look to change consumer perception of vegan and plant-based foods. Our goal is to continually enhance our sustainable earth environment for future generations. We intend to achieve this by ensuring a direct correlation between the wants of this growing consumer base and the products we bring to market.


President&CEO Mr. Tatsumi Miyazaki
Established June 1st, 2017
Details of business Provide Plant Based Foods to the foodservice industry and food manufactures with FPPL USS Technology and plant based food solutions.
Location 2 East Bryan Street, Suite 700 Savannah, GA 31401

Fuji Plant Protein Labs is a division of Fuji Oil Holdings. FPPL is also a member of the Plant Based Foods Association.

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