We are witnessing a paradigm shift emerging as the Millennium Generation has a vision to have a sustainable and earth friendly world. This generation is eager to seek out vegan manufacturers, vegan restaurants, vegan consumer products, vegan companies and vegan lifestyle brands that create healthy products and services that fit with their lifestyle and vision of the world.

We, Fuji Plant Protein Labs have a growing understanding of this vegan and vegetarian consumer market and look to fulfill all types of vegan plant-based protein products. We continually communicate with leaders in plant-based food service, chefs, vegan restaurants, and vegan/vegetarian consumer base. We bring to market the type of healthy products that are compatible with their objectives and beliefs of a sustainable and earth-friendly world.

In pursuing this directive, we established a new company FPPL (Fuji Plant Protein Labs) based in the USA with offices in Savannah, GA.

Our mission of Fuji Plant Protein Labs is focused towards developing and supplying this growing vegan consumer group ( Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian as well as your regular meat lovers who seek a reduction of animal derived foods) with delectable and healthy plant protein foods for a vegan future.

We look to change consumer perception of vegan and plant-based foods. Our goal is to continually enhance our sustainable earth environment for future generations. We intend to achieve this by ensuring a direct correlation between the wants of this growing consumer base and the products we bring to market.


President&CEO Mr. Tatsumi Miyazaki
Established June 1st, 2017
Details of business Provide Plant Based Foods to the foodservice industry and food manufactures with FPPL USS Technology and plant based food solutions.
Location 2 East Bryan Street, Suite 700 Savannah, GA 31401

Fuji Plant Protein Labs is a division of Fuji Oil Holdings. FPPL is also a member of the Plant Based Foods Association.

What We Value

We are working to achieve the mission; Fuji Oil Group seeks to develop the potential of food ingredients. We will contribute to the happiness and well-being of the people by offering delicious and healthy food.
We value the co-creation with our customers and work for people.

Fuji Plant Protein Labs is part of Fuji Oil Group Japan and supports efforts for US distribution though local vendors.

The 10 Goals of the Fuji Oil Group

Fuji Protein Labs is part of Fuji Oil Group Japan. We follow these 10 goals of our strengths supported by many customers in our history.

To deliver safe and secure products

1 : To deliver safe and secure products

We place top priority on delivery of safe and secure products to our customers, and strive to create products that our customers and consumers can use with complete peace of mind.

Stay close to customers and look to the coming age

2 : Stay close to customers and look to the coming age.

The Fuji Oil Group is going to continue contributing to the future of food as a "best partner" that listens closely to customers in its development, production, and sales activities, and creates new food value for them.

 Maximize Group synergy

3 : Maximize Group synergy

Although it is a manufacturer, Fuji Oil swiftly began to cultivate markets outside Japan. Always ahead of the times, it has grown into an enterprise with an overseas network covering from procurement of raw materials to production and sales.

SDGs and the value which Fuji Oil can contribute to society

4: SDGs and the value which Fuji Oil can contribute to society

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) epitomize the issues facing the world today. The Fuji Oil Group is taking priority approaches on the six themes of food creation, food safety/security/quality, sustainable procurement, the environment, "Hitozukuri" (fostering people), and risk management. In so doing, we aspire to contribution to society through our business.

Building the future with food education

5: Building the future with food education

In Japan, Fuji Oil is conducting a Dietary Education Project designed to convey the importance of food and the relationship between society and food to children as the principals of the coming age. We are making opportunities for people to think about the importance of food, the global environment, and other issues.

Our DNA – challenge and innovation

6: Our DNA – challenge and innovation

During the period of import quota of raw materials of oils and fats such as soy bean and rapeseed, we looked toward tropical oils, and boldly forged ahead overseas. This DNA became the foundation for policy to open up our future through our own efforts.

Fuji Science & Innovation Center

7: Fuji Science & Innovation Center

We established the Fuji Science & Innovation Center, which is devoted to new technical innovation by fusing know-how and technology inside and outside the Fuji Oil Group. We have built a global setup for research and development, and are pursuing research oriented toward the future.

The joys of food and health

8: The joys of food and health

To create food that both gives joy and healthy is an issue that must be tackled as society takes aim at sustainability. In its creation of food, the Fuji Oil Group is striving to resolve this issue, based on the urgent issues facing society in the aspects of health and nutrition.

Employee health – the Fuji Oil Group Health Management Declaration

9: Employee health – the Fuji Oil Group Health Management Declaration

The Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy defines the Group’s target vision as contribution to society with delicious and healthy foods. For the Fuji Oil Group, its employees are the wellsprings of value creation, and this vision can only be realized if each and every one of its employees remains healthy.

Soy Renaissance – pursuit of health for people and the earth

10: Soy Renaissance – pursuit of health for people and the earth

In its conviction that soy is a key source of protein that will make both people and the earth healthy, the Fuji Oil Group has been exploring its possibilities for 60 years. Unfurling the "Soy Renaissance" banner, we are taking another look at the inherent value of soy and making corresponding proposals to society at large.

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