Caliente Pizza & Brewhouse gives high praise to Nozzarella cheese

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If you are a Three-Time Pizza National Champion, and award-winning restaurant you obsess about ingredients that make up your pizzas. Make it your life’s work and pizza almost becomes a religion. And from your dedication, your fans know they will get a perfect pie every time. Caliente Pizza & Draft House is that place- and a leader in evolving plant-based pies. They have chosen Nozzarella pizza cheese as their go-to for a non-dairy, creamy, plant-based cheese for their award-winning pizzas!

Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse

Nick Bogacz founded the business in 2012, and it has grown it into a five-restaurant chain in the Pittsburgh, PA region. Looking for a plant-based cheese, Nick tested many different cheeses for almost a year and a half finally settling on Fuji Plant Protein Lab’s Nozzarella plant-based cheese.

“It’s a unique product that wasn’t in Pittsburgh,” Bogacz said. “Our distributor had to bring it in. It’s one that we tested probably for the past year and a half at different shows. We felt like it was the best vegan cheese available.” {1}

Caliente Pizza & Draft House has a signature 5-day fermented dough using seasoned toppings to create some of the best pizza in the USA. Their use of quality traditional, and non-traditional ingredients and attention to detail makes their pies unique and savory. Nick and crew offer Nozzarella cheese as an alternative to any diary on their pies.

Caliente Pizza & Draft House is an award-winning restaurant with locations across the Pittsburgh region — not to mention, the home to 2019’s Best Pizza in America, the “Mee Maw.” The Steel City chefs create great pies by focusing on unique, gourmet ingredients — and that includes their Nozzarella vegan cheese! Customers can swap in the dairy-free alternative on any of Caliente’s pizzas, or make their own with the cheese.

Nozzarella is 100% vegan, non-GMO, and trans-fat- and cholesterol-free. Manufactured through a patented culturing process to create a rich umami (savory) flavor, it tastes, shreds, slices and melt like real cheese. Now we know why Caliente is such a winner!

Try Nozzarella cheese for yourself on your next pizza creation! Contact us for a 5lb. sample today>>

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