MuPI /Glucodia® (mung bean protein isolate) is the secret ingredient launching food brands into commercial plant-based market success

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Fuji Plant Protein Labs (FPPL), a manufacturer of protein-packed, 100% plant-based, gluten-free ingredients, proudly announced today that the company is launching their Glucodia® / MuPI brand into the commercial foodservice, processed foods, and sports supplement markets.

MuPI/ Glucodia® is such a flexible ingredient that its use in everything from baked goods, gluten-free fitness protein powders, pasta, protein bars, smoothies, mayonnaise-type condiments, egg-protein alternatives, and breakfast products are unequaled. Shelf life and use are similar to traditional flour for baking except for added health benefits and easier digestibility over traditional wheat.

A plant-based protein isolate , MuPI is made from mung beans, standardized to a total crude protein content of more than 80% (High protein type. MuPI / Glucodia® is a self-affirmed GRAS and is a safe and secure food ingredient. Incredible success has been achieved in FPPL sample studies evaluating possible health benefits to consumers. Easier digestibility, rich in essential amino acids and better flavor when compared to soy, pea, and hemp protein substitutes is some of MuPI/Glucodia®’s strengths. It’s these benefits that are good news for food producers that want to boost the nutritional value and source plant-based protein to their current processed food lines and health supplements.

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MuPI /Glucodia® is a natural off-white color flour and is a non-soy, non-GMO, nut-free, mung bean product produced using our chemical-free processing technology. Targeted toward a growing plant-based food category, MuPI/ Glucodia® offers new possibilities for food brands and foodservice searching for a vegan or vegetarian alternative to wheat and soy products.

Early product sampling has shown that Fuji Plant Protein Labs is achieving this goal to produce a texture, consistency, and flavor that rivals or replaces most traditional baking products. MuPI / Glucodia® is produced from a historical staple food: the mung bean. History shows us mung bean protein has been consumed in Asian (India/China) for centuries. FPPL’s mission is to deliver this flexible and high nutritional staple food to brands in the USA. FPPL turnkey ingredient line of food ingredients builds new markets for food brands and manufacturers.

FPPL helps ease the transition into converting existing product lines to plant-based goodness FPPL has launched lab-tested nutritional recipes on their website for customers to view and review to see how MuPI /Glucodia can be used in their food product lineup. Samples can be requested from