PRESS RELEASE: Nozzarella®, The Very Vegan Cheese, stretches the idea of what plant-based cheese should be.

marketing Press Release

Savannah, GA – March 19, 2019 — Fuji Plant Protein Labs (FPPL), a manufacturer of delicious, 100% vegan, plant-based, and non-dairy cheese, proudly announced today that the company is launching their Nozzarella™ brand into the commercial food service and pizza markets.

Nozzarella is a plant-based cheese alternative for the foodservice and pizza markets in North America. It supports the growing trend of chefs focusing on plant-based recipes. Early seeding has produced some incredible results. Restaurateur Tony Gemignani, a 13-time World Pizza Champion integrates Nozzarella at his Pizza Rock restaurant Pizza Rock in Las Vegas, NV.

Gemignani is incorporating Nozzarella into his pizza creations because of its ease of use in his current kitchen setup. Its creamy consistency and the way it picks up flavor are different from most other vegan and plant-based cheeses. Customers to Pizza Rock now have a better choice from a wide creative variety of pizzas that Gemignani serves.

Nozzarella cheese is a non-dairy, non-GMO, soy-based product produced with FPPL’s patented Ultra Soy Separation process (USS). Targeted toward a growing plant-based food category to offer new possibilities for chefs and foodservice searching for a vegan or vegetarian alternative to dairy products. Fuji Plant Protein Labs achieves their goal to match real cheese in texture, consistency, and flavor using their patented USS process.

Nozzarella is produced from low-fat soy milk that is extracted using Fuji Oil’s Ultra Soy Separation process. Utilizing a method similar to that used to separate fresh milk the soy mash is separated yielding low-fat soy milk and other soy products.

Separation is made possible by using Fuji Oil’s unique fractionation technology producing cream and low-fat soy milk. Adding lactic acid bacteria to the low-fat soy milk produces a cheese alternative that is creamy, low-fat and low in cholesterol. This process is not possible using ordinary soy milk. Only Fuji Oil’s USS process yields a cheese with a unique taste, consistency, and flavor.

Fuji Plant Protein Labs, founded in 2017 by Fuji Oil Group Japan, is an affiliated company in the USA. FPPL’s business promotes and manufactures cheese alternatives, cultured soy milk and other plant-based dairy alternatives.

FPPL also supplies animal protein alternatives (Mame Plus m) and egg alternatives (MUPI). FPPL’s product lineup has great flavor, consistency, texture and excellent mouth feel for a truly unique taste experience.