Plant Based Rich Soy Cream


Ko-Cream is a plant based soy milk cream will enhance the flavors of, and add a new dimension of deliciousness to, not only Japanese cuisine and sweets, but all genres of food, including Western and Chinese dishes.

Made from soybeans, Ko-cream has fewer calories than dairy cream. Since its plant based, it goes wonderfully with fruit and vegetables and can be used for a wide range of purposes as a cooking cream. Ko-cream also provides reliable thickness and body while bringing out the inherent flavors of other ingredients.


without the DAIRY!

Ko-Cream rich plant-based soy cream is made possible by Fuji Plant Protein Lab's proprietary USS development technology and advanced research on soy protein for more than half a century. Ko-Cream is the basis for our Nozzarella™ cheese and it can be used in the same way as dairy cream products. Plant-based and rich for use in desserts, fillings, baking and where ever cream is called for.


Ko-Cream soybean based cream product is a rich source of plant based protein. Low in fat and cholesterol, making them ideal for vegetarian/ vegan diets. Soybean contains plentiful protein, isoflavone, lecithin, saponin, and dietary fiber.

Try Ko-Cream in your next dessert, sauce, beverage or Italian creation.


Rich Enough to be like dairy- BUT WITHOUT THE COW

1. Rich source of plant based protein. Low in fat and cholesterol, making them ideal for vegetarian/ vegan diets.

2. Easy Integration - 900ml Cartons, ready to use.

3. Convenient- shelf life is 240 days at 1° - 10°c refrigeration.

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