Cream Cheese Style Spread

Rich Soy Cream Cheese (CCSS)

CCSS soy cream cheeese, the dairy-free creamy soy cheese, is the world's first soy cream cheese ingredient made from cultured soy cream (Ko-cream). It is made through a proprietary fermentation process, using select lactic acid bacteria. CCSS is an ingredient complete with body and a mellow cultured flavor. CCSS or (Mame-máge as its known in Japan) smooth texture and body works very well on its own as a spread. Use it for vegan non-dairy desserts, and is used as a great vegan thick and rich sauce. Combined with our Nozzarella can be used in many Italian inspired vegan dishes.


CCSS Rich Soy Cream Cheese is made possible by Fuji Plant Protein Lab's proprietary USS development technology and advanced research on soy protein for more than half a century. CCSS Soft Soy Cream Cheese is the product of our Low Fat Soy Milk that can be used in the same way as dairy cream products. Plant-based and rich for use in desserts, fillings, baking and where ever cream is called for.


CCSS Rich Soy Cream Cheese soybean based smooth-textured product is a rich source of plant based protein. Low in fat and cholesterol, making them ideal for vegetarian/ vegan diets. Soybean contains plentiful protein, isoflavone, lecithin, saponin, and dietary fiber. Has the same mouth feel as light cream cheese but without the diary and fat.

Try CCSS Rich Soy Cream Cheese in your next dessert, sauce, filling or Italian creation. Also can be used on lox and bagel sandwiches or as a cheese substitute in cannoli and non-bake cheesecakes.


So Good Just by Itself it Makes Everything Vegan

1. Rich source of plant based protein. Low in fat and cholesterol, making them ideal for vegetarian/ vegan diets.

2. Easy Integration - 500g pillow packs ready to use.

3. Convenient- shelf life is 240 days at 0° - 10°c refrigeration.

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