A popular Brooklyn Bagel store Loves their Soy Cream Cheese

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Brooklyn residents know what their bagels should taste like. A popular bagel shop in Brooklyn has been making bagels in Brooklyn the old-school way and have a dedicated following. One of the few bagel shops in Brooklyn that has returned to the traditional way of making bagels. After decades of seeing shops close and around their Brooklyn neighborhood they have become part of a food-centric culture booming in Brooklyn. In their search for a plant-based soy cream cheese to replace their tofu cheese- they found FPPL CCSS soy cream cheese.

A Non-dairy for you? – CCSS makes it come true!

Over the past decade, Brooklyn has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Some of New York’s most exciting food is in Brooklyn, and while always an amazingly special place, Brooklyn has become that place whose inhabitants, natives and transplants alike simply never want to leave!

Gonna schmear like we just don’t care!

Change with the times..

To survive you have to change with the times. Existing plant-based cream cheese was just not cutting the mustard. It did not have the same taste or spreadability to compliment to their delicious bagels. After much research and sampling, they decided to try our CCSS and found out that it performed just like the real thing- but without the dairy or nuts! Shelf life was better than previous spreads and the taste was second to none. The better taste comes from FPPL’s unique USS process. This process yields a smooth creamy texture that even non-vegans prefer. And so do their customers! (online and in store)

Bagels baby.. we got ’em..it’s a beeeutiful thing!

Who is Fuji Plant Protein Labs?

Fuji Plant protein makes CCSS and is 100% vegan, non-GMO, and trans-fat- and cholesterol-free. Manufactured through a patented culturing process to create a rich umami (savory) flavor, it tastes, spreads, and mixes like real cream cheese. We also produce Ko-Cream soy cream, Nozzarella Pizza Cheese, TSP soy protein, and MuPI mung bean protein isolate.

Try CCSS Soy Cream Cheese for yourself on your next bagel on us! Click here to get a 1lb. sample today >>